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Series “Proceedings of the Institute for Bulgarian Language”

The annual series “Proceedings of the Institute for Bulgarian Language “Prof. Lyubomir Andreychin” is a successor of the series published in the period 1951-1985. It includes scientific works focused on the study of Bulgarian (modern state and history of Bulgarian, Old Bulgarian, dialectology, relations between Bulgarian and other languages, theoretical and methodological linguistic research) that because of their extended nature cannot be published in full length in scientific journals, while not reaching the volume of a full-scale monograph. Some volumes, released annually, have a dedicated topic.


We accept for publication scientific articles and papers, up to 70 standard pages (1800 characters). Only original research is considered for publication, i.e. one that has not been previously published (neither in printed, nor in electronic editions). Any submitted manuscript will be reviewed by two anonymous reviewers.


The deadline for submissions is 15th of May of the current year. The deadline for submitting the camera ready copies of accepted papers is 20th June of the current year. Manuscripts can be submitted both in electronic and printed form (to verify appearance of fonts, etc.).


Manuscripts that are not accepted will not be returned. Such manuscripts will be considered for printing the following year only if the authors submit them again.


Authors should comply to the manuscript requirements, when preparing their texts for submission to the Annual series.


The Editorial Board, prospective authors and reviewers are committed strictly to comply with the Ethical guidelines for journal publication.


ISSN 0323-9934 (print)

ISSN 2603-3402 (online)


The Yearbook is refereed in RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index).


Editorial Committee:


Prof. Maria Kitanova


Prof. Svetla Koeva


Prof. Sia Kolkovska


Prof. Maxim Stamenov (Executive Еditor)


Prof. Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova


International Editorial Board:


Prof. David Birnbaum (Pittsburgh)


Prof. Zlatka Guentchéva (Paris)


Prof. Hana Gladkova (Prague)


Prof. Elena Ivanova (Saint Petersburg)


Prof. Brian Joseph (Columbus)


Prof. Iliana Krapova (Venice)


Prof. Hilmar Walter (Leipzig)


Editorial Secretary

Assist. Prof. Ivo Panchev


Contact address:


Prof. Maxim Stamenov
Institute for Bulgarian Language
52 Shipchenski Prohod Blvd.
Building 17
Sofia 1113


Email: izvestiya@ibl.bas.bg



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Volume XXVII, 2014