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Information Centre for Bulgarian Language

The basic objective of the ICBL is to provide the dissemination of information about Bulgarian and Bulgarian linguistics, to support the realization of research contacts and cooperation in this field with a view to the role and contribution of Bulgarian to European civilization as well as to the most topical problems of its contemporary status, common international research and projects. Special attention is given to the inclusion and successful participation of the Institute for Bulgarian Language in the European research cooperation and projects programmes.



The Centre’s structure is the following:

  • A Reception Office of International Projects and Cooperation Division;
  • A library, which preserves rare editions of extraordinary value,
  • specialized collections of incunabula, atlases, photocopies; microfilms; dictionaries and other different profiles;
  • Research information. The Centre works out a bibliography of the whole linguistic literature published in the Bulgarian periodical press;
  • The editorial offices of the two scientific journals of the IBL which
  • present the latest achievements of Bulgarian linguistics, Bulgarian Language and Balkan Linguistics.