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Angel Pachev, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D.

Professional Biography


of Assoc. Prof. Angel Pachev, PhD


Department of General and Contrastive Linguistics



Contact Details:


e-mail: apachev@gmail.com,


Correspondence adress: 52 Shipchenski Prohod Blvd., block 17, room 612, Sofia 1113; Bulgaria


Tel. +359 29792975



Research Interests:


Sociolinguistic and ethnolinguistic studies on the contemporary Bulgarian language situation; theoretical, comparative and contrastive sociolinguistic research: Bulgarian, English and other languages, the ethnography of communication and ethnographic linguistics, communicative competence, sociolinguistics and semiotics, linguistic and functional relativity, sociolinguistic research on the Bulgarian Diaspora in the EU, (Critical) Discourse Analysis, sociolinguistics and social theory, language policies, language planning and language management, European Studies.



Education and Qualifications:


1996 – Senior Researcher/Associate Professor in Sociolinguistics and Ethnolinguistics


1982 – PhD


1979 – 1982 : Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, PhD student


1973-1977: Sofia University, English philology/philosophy; B.A. and M.A.



Professional Development:


1996 /to the present: Department of General and Applied Linguistics/Department of General and Contrastive Linguistics, Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Associate Professor


1996 / to the present: Department of Applied Linguistics & Language Teaching, The New Bulgarian University;
English Language Department, Shumen University – Associate Professor


1983-1996: Department of General and Applied Linguistics/Department of General and Contrastive Linguistics, Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Assisstant Professor


1992 – 1993: English Department, Sofia University – Assistant Professor, Lecturer


1989-1992: School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London; Oxford University – Lecturer in Bulgarian Language and Culture


1984 – 1989: Department of General, Indo-European and Balkan Linguistics, Sofia University – Lecturer


1985 – 1986: English Department, Sofia University – Lecturer



Participation in research projects during the last ten years:


„National Languages in the European Communities”: a continuing multistage collective project for the study of the sociolinguistic features of the function and use of the national languages in the member-states of the EU, the EU language communities, the common EU language policies, language planning and language management, etc. The project is financed by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Director of the project: Assoc. Prof. Angel Pachev, PhD.



Expert and Community Activities:


Head of the Department for General and Applied Linguistics 1996 – 2008;


Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Bulgarian Language since 1996;


Scientific Adviser of PhD students;


The Bulgarian correspondent for the International Yearbook of European Sociolinguistics, published annually in Berlin, Germany.


The 1996 Award of The Bulgarian Translators’ Union for scientific and technical literature translations from English.



Lecture Courses:


1) B.A. courses:

Rhetoric and Speech Culture (Shumen University)
Introduction to Linguistics (Shumen University. Sofia University)
Modern Linguistic Theories (in English) (Shumen University)
Linguistic Theory and Foreign Language Teaching (in English) (Shumen University)
Introduction to Semantics (Shumen University)
Foundations of Linguistics (Shumen University)
English Language Stylistics (Shumen University)
American Sociolinguistics (Shumen University)



2) M.A. and Ph.D. courses:
The Ethnography of Communication (in English) (Shumen University)
General Linguistics (Shumen University, Sofia University)
Translation Theory (Shumen University)
Discourse Analysis (in English and Bulgarian) (Shumen University, Sofia University)



A list of selected publications and conference presentations:


Books and monographs:


The Sociolinguistic Structure of the European Union. Sociolinguistics of European Integration. BASPRESS, to appear end of 2012 in English and Bulgarian.


Bulgaria and the Bulgarian in the European Union. www.balgarskiezik.org/pachev.htm – 195k, 2007, 45 pp.


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The Concise Encyclopedia of Sociolinguistics. Pleven: Eurasia-Abagar, 1993. (in Bulgarian).


The linguistic situation in Bulgaria: a sociolinguistic approach (an unpublished monograph). Sofia, 1987 (in Bulgarian).


The Ethnography of Speaking in American Sociolinguistics (unpublished PhD dissertation). Moscow: Institute of Linguistics, RAN, 1982 (in Russian)


Books and monographs – co-authored:


Laws of/for Language. (with P. Kostadinova, T. Aleksandrova, K. Viktorova, B. Georgiev at al.) Sofia: Hazel 2004, pp. 196-216 (in Bulgarian).


Text Pragmatics. (with St. Dimitrova, M. Stamenov, S. Pitkevich at al.) Sofia: Academic Publishing House “Prof. Marin Drinov” 2001, pp. 48-98 (in Bulgarian).


Encyclopedia of the Contemporary Bulgarian Language. (with B. Bajchev, V. Bondzolova, T. Bojadziev at al.) V. Tarnovo: Publishing House “St. Evtimij Patriarch Tarnovski”, 2000 (in Bulgarian).


Language Consciousness. (with St. Dimitrova, M. Stamenov at al.) Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo 1998, pp.230-262 (in Bulgarian).


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Eastern Europe Phrasebook. (with P. Georgiev, K. Steiner at al.) Australia: Lonely Planet Publications 1992, 1994, 2001, pp. 8-88.



Scientific artciles:


Sociolinguistics of European Integration: Premises and Perspectives, Sofia, 2012.


Euroglossia and Eurolingualism : Sociolinguistic Diversity across National and Language Borders. In Jazyk a jazykoveda v pohybe (na počesť Slavomira Ondrejoviča), ed. Sibyla Mislovičová. VEDA vydavatelstvo SAV, Bratislava 2008, pp. 26-41.


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