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Theory of Bulgarian Terminology

Department of Terminology and Terminography

Period: 2011-2014

Type of project: Collective

Funding: budgetary (BAS)

Principal Investigator: Corr. Member M. Popova, Dr.Sci.

Participants: A. Christova, K. Simeonova


The project follows the guidelines in terminology – general terminological theory, identification of properties of Bulgarian terminology and their cognitive, conceptual and linguistic aspects. Theoretical research in the field provides the methodological foundation for the development of specific terminology in science, social and public life, politics and education.The project aims to support the compilation of terminology and practical work with terminology in all scientific and professional areas.

The studies conducted within the project are consistent with the main priorities of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 – the objective Excellent Science and the specific objective of Science With and For Society, through providing theoretical and methodological background for the development of specific terminology in science, social and public life, politics, and education to support accuracy and uniformity in professional communication in different fields of knowledge. The project is a part of the priority area of research at the Institute for Bulgarian Language dealing with Theoretical Linguistics.

1. Development of Bulgarian philosophical terminology in the translational theological literature (10th – 14th c.). An individual project of A. Christova. Period: 2011-2014
2. Terminological nominative practice in modern Bulgarian public and political terminology. An individual project of K. Simeonova. Period: 2011-2014

Presentation of the results: монографии.