We are pleased to announce a new Festschrift dedicated to Academician Ivan Duridanov – a long-term editor-in-chief of "Балканско езикознание / Linguistique balkanique" (1987 – 2004). The table of contents is already available on the journal's web page.


Call for Papers

Thematic Issue “Language contacts and influences in the Balkans”

Call Deadline: 31 August 2020

The team of “Linguistique balkanique” are pleased to announce the forthcoming edition of a special issue entitled “Language contacts and influences in the Balkans”. Its aim is to offer new insights into yet unexplored aspects of the mutual influence between the Balkan languages on different levels: phonetic, grammatical, lexical, syntactic, etc. Issues regarding contacts and interrelations between the Balkan languages remain relevant. Recently, international conferences have been held and scientific projects have been conducted devoted to the topic. In this respect, the latest theoretical statement in language contacts is a good starting point for a revision of some of the postulates of the Balkan Sprachbund. On the other hand, a broad theoretical framework of language contacts enables the explanation of some specific features of the Balkan languages.






In 2019 "Linguistique balkanique", Vol. LVIII, issue 1 & 2 are dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. 

Starting with volume 58 (2019) "Lingusitique balkanique"  has been accepted for coverage in SCOPUS. 

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