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Practical Work in Terminology. Dictionary of Ecological Terms

Department of Terminology and Terminography

Period: 2011-2014

Type of project: Collective

Funding: Budgetary (BAS)

Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. M. Simeonova, Ph.D.

Participants: Assoc. Prof. M. Simeonova, Ph.D.; Assist. Prof. E. Petkova, Ph.D.; A. Christova, K. Simeonova


The Dictionary of Ecological Terms is an independent volume that is a part of a series of terminological dictionaries. The three volumes published so far – dictionaries of terms in life sciences, humanities and social and political science – have drawn the attention of specialists in the respective fields. The dictionaries present the meaning of terms and reflect the system relations both within each area and across subject areas (internal and external system). They implement the results of theoretical studies on the meaning and content of terms, conceptual and semantic consistency in terminology, and lexical, semantic and formal variability. Each term entry gives a definition, brief encyclopaedic information, and classification category.

The project aims to support terminological practice of specialists in various scientific fields as well as students, journalists and other citizens to ensure accuracy and uniformity in professional communication. The project also aims at compiling glossaries and dictionaries (e.g., in ecology) by collecting relevant terms and supplying definitions and additional information.

The project uses various approaches and methods – a systematic approach, a combination of a semasiological and a onomasiological approach; a (basic) synchronous, as well as a diachronic approach; and the comparative approach. The strategy uses the cognitive method, case grammar and component analysis, and other specific methods and procedures.

The project is consistent with one of the main priorities of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 – Excellent Science and the objective of Science With and For Society to meet the need for practical information on issues related to terminology in various fields of knowledge. The project is a part of the two priority areas of research at the Institute for Bulgarian Language – Academic Dictionaries of Bulgarian Language and Language Culture.

Presentation of the results: terminological dictionaries.