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“The Written Word Remains. Write Correctly!” is a camplaign of the Institute for Bulgarian Language aimed at raising awareness about the significance of literacy, education and sciences for the development of the society.

As part of the campaign, we offer easy access to various dictionaries and other resources; we publish materials related to Bulgarian vocabulary, grammar and spelling; we organise language games and quizzes.

How to make it easy and interesting to revise or learn new important rules for the correct and relevant usage of the Bulgarian language?

How to find out quickly the answers to questions about the correct and relevant use of the Bulgarian language?

How to make a quick and easy check in the dictionaries and the resources published by researchers from the Institute for Bulgarian language?

How to make Bulgarian language education interesting for the pupils and to support Bulgarian teachers with good research-oriented ideas and practices?

Teaching materials

Teaching materials for Bulgarian language education, provided by the Institute for Bulgarian language. Share new materials!

Research practices in education

Specialised seminars for teachers in Bulgarian, organised and carried out by the Institute for Bulgarian Language.