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National Service with half a century of history, provided by the Department of Modern Bulgarian Language.


By phone 0900-12-230 (for fixed (Vivacom) phone numbers) and telephone +359 879 66 83 63 from 9 to 17 am every day you can get expert information on issues of:


• spelling and punctuation of the modern Bulgarian literary language;
• the meaning, use, origin and stylistic characteristics of words ;
• the proper formation of different types of documents;
• practical assistance in editing of different texts ;
• practical assistance in the study of the Bulgarian language at school;
• encyclopaedic consultions.



The Service provides written advice and elaborate linguistic expertise necessary for the operation of various institutions, companies, media, publishing houses, private persons, and for the settlement of legal disputes.






Language Consultations Service,

52 Shipchenski Prohod Blvd.; Building 17,

Sofia 1113,



Електронна поща: ezikovispravki@ibl.bas.bg



Qualified professionals answer your questions, including the authors of the normative Official Spelling Dictionary, authors of spelling and pronounciation and punctuation reference books and of numerous research studies in the field of modern Bulgarian language.