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Series “Bulgarian linguistics”

The series “Bulgarian linguistics”, has been the successor of the “Proceedings of the Institute for Bulgarian Language”/1951-1985/ since 1995. The series comprises research in Modern Bulgarian, Historical linguistics, Old Church Slavonic, dialectology as well as papers on the relations and interactions between Bulgarian and foreign languages which are not published in magazines or as separate books on account of their volume. Part of the volumes of “Bulgarian linguistics” are specialized in some particular field of linguistics.



“Bulgarian linguistics” Vol. 1

Issues of the grammatical system of Bulgarian.
Compiler: Valentin Stankov; Editor: Elena Georgieva, et al.
Sofia, Publishing House “Marin Drinov”, 1995, 370 p.



“Bulgarian linguistics” Vol. 2

Text pragmatics.
Compiler: Stefana Dimitrova
Sofia, Publishing House “Marin Drinov”, 2001, 376 p.



“Bulgarian linguistics” Vol. 3

Issues of Bulgarian lexicology, phraseology and lexicography
Compiler: Vesa Kyuvlieva-Mishaykova
Sofia, Publishing House “Marin Drinov”, 2002, 460 p.



“Bulgarian linguistics” Vol. 4

Cognitive grammar of Bulgarian and French – description and formalisation.
Editorial board: Yordan Penchev, Yuliya Baltova, Svetla Koeva, Radka Vlahova, Yovka Tisheva
Sofia, Publishing House “Marin Drinov”, 2004, 306 p.