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Lexical database

The Information Portal “Infolex” provides access to the lexical database of the Department of Bulgarian Lexicography and Lexicology at the Institute for Bulgarian Language “Prof. L. Andreychin”, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The portal has been created as part of the research project Complex Research on the Bulgarian Lexical System and Phraseology as part of the Cultural Heritage and National Identity, Principal Investigator: Prof. Liliya Krumova-Tsvetkova. The project has been funded by the Science Research Fund at the Bulgarian Ministry for Education and Science (Contract ДТК 02-52/2009).

Within the same project, the information portal “Neolex” for Bulgarian neologisms has also been created.

Lexical resources:

Synonyms in Bulgarian

Antonyms in Bulgarian

Repository of phraseology in Bulgarian

Dictionary of neologisms

Bibliographic repository