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Bulgarian Etymological Dictionary

Department of Bulgarian Etymology

Period: 2020-2022

Type of project: collective, long-term

Funding: budgetary (BAS) and a bilateral project with the Polish Academy of Sciences

Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. H. Deykova, Ph.D.

Participants: Assoc. Prof. H. Deykova, Assist. prof. Simeon Stefanov, K. Fuchedzhieva


The Bulgarian Etymological Dictionary (BED) is the only academic dictionary representing the etymology of Bulgarian vocabulary from the entire Bulgarian linguistic territory. BED contains explanatory entries on many words of Slavic and other origin, while revealing the links of the Bulgarian language and the Bulgarian people with other languages and peoples, including Slavic, Balkan, and Indo-European, from ancient times until today. The etymological study sheds light on the genesis of the Bulgarian people, its material and spiritual culture and history throughout the centuries.

The etymology of many words are given in BED for the first time, while others are amended. Thus, the etymological study of the Bulgarian language contributes to the current rise of the etymological studies in Slavic and European countries and worldwide. The objectives and results of the project are directly related to the study and preservation of the Bulgarian cultural heritage. BED is important both for its fundamental theoretical and applied scientific value and is used by researchers in the humanities, and by different educational and cultural institutions. It supports the development of the humanities (as fundamental knowledge about the Bulgarian language and people) which has a key role in the educational strategies implemented in schools and universities to improve the quality of higher education. The multi-volume edition meets two of the priority areas of research at the Institute for Bulgarian Language – Academic Dictionaries of the Bulgarian Language and Cultural and Historical Linguistic Heritage of Bulgarians.

Presentation of the results: Volume IX / fascicles of the Bulgarian Etymological Dictionary.