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Dictionary of the Bulgarian Language

Department of Bulgarian Lexicology and Lexicography

Period: 2020 – 2022

Type of project: Collective

Funding: Budgetary (BAS)

Principal Investigator: Prof. Diana Blagoeva, Ph.D.

Participants: Prof. D. Blagoeva, Ph.D.; Prof. Sia Kolkovska, Ph.D.; external collaborator: prof. Liliya Krumova-Tsvetkova; Assist. Prof. T. Georgieva, Ph.D.; Assist. Prof. A. Atanasova, Ph.D.; Assist. Prof. V. Sumrova; Assist. Prof. N. Kostova, Ph.D.; Svetlomira Manova.


The project aims to prepare and publish the multi-volume Dictionary of the Bulgarian Language (DBL) which provides explanations of the Bulgarian vocabulary in its stylistic and functional diversity. The lexicographic description covers the period between the first quarter of the 19th century until nowadays. The 15 volumes published so far contain 120,000 entries. DBL is a valuable reference guide for a wide range of users as it offers multi-layered information about the semantic, grammatical, stylistic, and functional properties of words, phraseology, their etymology, etc. The project is part of the priority area of research at the Institute for Bulgarian Language: Academic Dictionaries of the Bulgarian Language.

Presentation of the results: Volume XVI of the Dictionary of the Bulgarian Language.