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Bulgarian Lexicology and Lexicopraphy

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The Department of Bulgarian Lexicology and Lexicography works on theoretical issues and their application in dictionary compilation in four major directions:

  • Semantics – analysis of the word structure and its representation in the dictionary.
  •  Lexicology – exploration of the lexical, grammatical and syntactic relations of the vocabulary for the purposes of its representation synchronously and diachronically.
  •  Theory of lexicography – methodology for dictionary compilation.
  •  Application of lexicography in scientific research – types of dictionaries: explanatory, bilingual, and special thematic dictionaries.


The Department’s major project is the Dictionary of the Bulgarian Language, which is a valuable source representing the Bulgarian vocabulary and the national cultural heritage. Many examples and illustrative material are extracted from the Bulgarian National Corpus.



The Department offers free access to Infolext – a Collection of Lexicographic Resources (a dictionary of synonyms, a dictionary of antonyms, a dictionary of neologisms, and a phraseological repository).



The Department of Bulgarian Lexicology and Lexicography is the founding body of the Bulgarian Lexicographic Society and a member of EURALEX. The Department publishes the annual bulletin Lexicographic Review, and is the origaniser of prestigious biannual conferences on lexicography.



The Department of Bulgarian Lexicography and Lexicology is the successor of the first independent research department at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, founded by Acad. Stoyan Romanski in 1942 and named Service for Bulgarian Dictionary, which lead to the formation of the Institute for Bulgarian Language in 1949.