Explanatory Dictionaries



Dictionary of the Bulgarian Language (DBL)


[Multi-volume academic explanatory]. Sofia, Publisher: “Prof. Marin Drinov”, “Emas” and IBL-BAS.


The dictionary represents the richness of the Bulgarian vocabulary from the last 200 years, as reflected in the literature, the spoken language, and the published folklore (from the entire linguistic area). The words are provided with comprehensible linguistic information – grammatical, semantic and stylistic characteristics, which are well illustrated by examples.


The Dictionary of the Bulgarian Language, 1999, second revised and extended edition of volumes I-VIII, reflects the changes which occurred in the Bulgarian vocabulary following the social, political and economic transitions in Bulgaria after 1989.



Bulgarian Explanatory Dictionary


Forth revised and extended edition, Sofia, “Nauka i izkustvo”, 1994, 1093 p.


Author: D. Popov


There are 10 000 new words, meanings and expressions from the Bulgarian language, which enriched the language in the years after 1989.



Explanatory Dictionary with Phraseology


Sofia, “Atlantis”, 1997, 891 p.

Author: D. Decheva

The dictionary includes over 50 000 words and phrases, selected according to the educational material at secondary schools and universities. The words are given with their typical meaning, as well as common idioms they form.



Specialised Dictionaries


Dictionary of Abbreviations in BulgarianDictionary of Abbreviations in Bulgarian


Sofia, “Emas”, 2003, 621 p.

Author: L. Krumova-Tsvetkova, M. Choroleeva and H. Holiolchev

The dictionary includes more than 15 000 abbreviations of different types. Most of them are new and have not been included in other dictionaries.



Dictionary of Bulgarian Synonyms (with antonyms and words similar in meaning)Dictionary of Bulgarian Synonyms (with antonyms and words similar in meaning)


Plovdiv, “Hermes”, 2003, 469 p.

Author: E. Pernishka

The dictionary includes 1200 frequent words and their synonyms. Some of the entries are supplied with antonyms and words with similar meaning.



Dictionary of Foreign Words for EveryoneDictionary of Foreign Words for Everyone


5th revised and extended edition. Sofia, “Nauka i izkustvo” 2000, 904 p.

Author: E. Pernishka

The language of the definitions was modernised. The dictionary was revised and enriched with about 3500 new foreign words.



Universal Encyclopaedic DictionaryUniversal Encyclopaedic Dictionary


Vol. I, A-L, 1999, 543 p.; Vol. II M-Ja , 2003, 660 p. Sofia, “Svidas” 1999.

Author: S. Pavlova; Editor: I. Kassabov

This is a new type of dictionary in Bulgarian lexicography. It combines the explanatory and encyclopaedic principles providing lexicographic description in terms of terminological, ideographic, etymological, metaphorical, geopolitical, historical, and neologism information.


Dictionary of the New Words and Meanings Dictionary of the New Words and Meanings

Sofia, “Nauka i izkustvo”, 2001, 309 p.
Authors: E. Pernishka, D. Blagoeva, S. Kolkovska. Editor: E. Pernishka.
The dictionary covers the dynamics of the lexical changes in the Bulgarian language during the last decade of the 20th century. It represents the semantics and the usage of about 3500 new words, their meanings and expressions from various domains: everyday life, information technologies, technology, economy, politics, music, etc.


Dictionary of the Difficulties in BulgarianDictionary of the Difficulties in Bulgarian

Sofia, “Atlantis”, 1999, 463 p.
Author: L. Krumova-Tsvetkova
This is a new type of dictionary in the Bulgarian lexicography. It represents some common difficulties in the Bulgarian spoken and written language practice related to orthography, punctuation, orthoepy, grammar and stylistics.



Dictionary of Orthoepy, Orthography and PunctuationDictionary of Orthoepy, Orthography and Punctuation


“Atlantis”, 1998, 917 p.
Authors: D. Popov, K. Simov, Sv. Vidinska.
This is a new type of dictionary in the Bulgarian lexicography in terms of the presentation of linguistic rules and language material. The dictionary includes explanations of various grammatical and spelling terminology and rules. It also presents tables with word forms and grammatical categories of different parts of speech.


Dictionary of Antonyms in BulgarianDictionary of Antonyms in Bulgarian


Sofia, “Peter Beron”, 1997, 383 p.
Authors: E. Pernishka and S. Vassileva
For the first in the Bulgarian lexicography the lexical-semantic class of the antonyms is represented in a dictionary.


Dictionary of the foreign wordsDictionary of the foreign words.


Sofia, “Atlantis” 1996, 320 p.
Authors: G. Armjanov, B. Geueoruiev, I. Kassabov, L. Krumova-Tsvetkova, S. Pavlova, M. Choroleeva
The dictionary includes vocabulary from arts, literature, philosophy, religion, politics, and business. The definitions are modernised and the changes in their meaning are outlined.




Bilingual dictionaries


Bulgarian-Slovak Dictionary. Vol. I (A-K)Bulgarian-Slovak Dictionary. Vol. I (A-K)


Bratislava, 2004, 709 p.
From the Bulgarian side: Author and adviser: G. Djulgerova. Editor: V. Kluvlieva-Mishajkova.
The dictionary covers a wide scope of words from different stylistic domains.
The meanings are described in details, including their semantic and stylistic equivalents.



Bulgarian-English DictionaryBulgarian-English Dictionary


A New Edition, Update and Enlarged. Sofia, “Emas”, 2004, vol. I, 755 p.; vol. II, 723 p.
Author: V. Phillipov. Editor lexicographer: S. Pavlova
The edition is extended and revised by Prof. V. Phillipov. Words and expressions from all areas of language communication are included. For the first time in the Bulgarian lexicography the dictionary includes supplements “Names related to the History of Bulgaria” and “Names of gods” with glossary compiled by the editor.



Universal Bulgarian-German Dictionary.


PONS, Sofia, 2003, 1118 p.



Universal Bulgarian-English Dictionary.


PONS, Sofia, 2004, 1049 p.
Authors of Bulgarian glossary: D. Blagoeva-Stefanova, S. Kolkovska, S. Vidinska
The glossary of the dictionaries has been revised and includes over 120 000 entries, idioms and phrases from all areas of the Bulgarian language usage.



Romanian-Bulgarian Phraseological Dictionary


Sofia, “Prof. Marin Drinov”, 1997, 943 p.
Author: S. Kaldieva-Zaharieva
For the first time in the Bulgarian and the Romanian lexicography, a comparative study is carried out on Bulgarian and Romanian phraseology. Over 5000 Rumanian phraseological entries are included in the dictionary, accompanied by explanations and their Bulgarian equivalents.



Collective works


Lexicography and Lexicology in the Modern World (Proceedings from the IV National Conference with foreign participation, organised by the Bulgarian Lexicographical Society, DBLL and IBL in honor of Prof. Kristalina Cholakova,
Sofia, 21-22 Oct. 2006. Editors: L. Krumova-Tsvetkova, S. Pavlova, M. Choroleeva. Veliko Tirnovo, “Znak’94”, 2007, 375 p.


Studies on Phraseology, Lexicology and Lexicography (in memory of Prof. Dr.Sci. Keti Ankova-Nicheva). Proceedings from the III National Conference with foreign participation, organised by the Bulgarian Lexicographical Society, DBLL and IBL).
Editors: L. Krumova-Tsvetkova and S. Kaldieva. Sofia, “Prof. Marin Drinov”, 2008, 421 p.


The World of the Dictionary. The World in the Dictionary. Collection dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Prof. Emilia Pernishka. Compilers: D. Blagoeav, S. Kolkovska. Editors: L. Krumova-Tsvetkova, M. Choroleeva. Veliko Tirnovo, “Znak’94”, 2006, 324 p.


The National Language in the Conditions of Foreign Influence and globalisation. Proceedings from the National Conference honouring the 125th anniversary from the birth of Acad. Stefan Mladenov – Sofia, 28-29 June, 2005. Sofia, Union of the Scholars in Bulgaria, 2006, 374 p.


Problems of Bulgarian Lexicology, Phraseology and Lexicography. Vol. III from the series “Bulgarian Linguistics”, containing articles by researchers from the Department of Bulgarian Lexicology and Lexicography. Compiler: V. Kjuvlieva-Mishajkova. Editors: S. Zherev, V. Kjuvlieva-Mishajkova, M. Choroleeva. Sofia, “Prof. Marin Drinov”, 2002, 457 p.


Najden Gerov in the History of Bulgarian Science and Culture (Proceedings from the II National Conference with foreign participation, organised by the Bulgarian Lexicographical Society, DBLL and IBL). Compiler: V. Kjuvlieva-Mishajkova. Managing editors: V. Kjuvlieva-Mishajkova, L. Krumova-Tsvetkova. Sofia, “Prof. Marin Drinov”, 2002, 301 p.


About the Words and the Dictionaries. (Proceedings from the I National Conference with foreign participation, organised by the Bulgarian Lexicographical Society, DBLL and IBL). Compiler: S. Pavlova. Editors: L. Krumova-Tsvetkova, Hr. Panteleeva. Sofia, “Dios”, 2000, 412 p.