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Modern Bulgarian Language

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The research in the Department is carried out in three main scientific fields:


  • Grammar, semantics, pragmatics – description of the grammatical system of standard modern Bulgarian, its usage and the process of determining the grammatical norms. Object of analysis are also grammatical semantics and pragmatics of Bulgarian.
  • Theory and history of standard modern Bulgarian – research into the establishment and development of standard modern Bulgarian since the Bulgarian National Revival and throughout the 20th century.
  • Speech culture – study of the written production and the codification of the written norms in standard modern Bulgarian – orthographic and punctuational. The Department prepares and publishes official normative reference books.

The Language Information and Consultations Service carries out expert and consultation activity for the purposes of a number of institutions:ministries, legal organisations, firms, social organisations, media, publishers.


The founder of the Department is Corresponding Member Lyubomir Andreychin.