Department of History of Bulgarian Language






Старобългарски речник / Dictionary of Old Bulgarian Language


Vol. I. A-N. 1999, 1027 p.


Publishing house “Valentin Trajanov”.
The dictionary presents the vocabulary of classical Old Bulgarian in the original epigraphic monuments and in Old Bulgarian manuscripts from the 10th-11th century.
In 2000 Volume I was awarded “Hristo Danov” National Prize in Hummanities.


Vol. II. O-izhitza. 2009, 1325 p.


Publishing house “Valentin Trajanov”.
Project: Study of Old Bulgarian vocabulary as part of the Slavic Christian cultural heritage – publication of a Dictionary of Old Bulgarian Language, vol. II – funded by Scientific Research Fund, Ministry of Science.


The volume included an appendix, containing 270 newly discovered Old Bulgarian words from Old Bulgarian texts studied in the last years.



Речник на книжовния български език на народна основа от ХVІІ век (върху текста на Тихонравовия дамаскин). / Dictionary of Standard Bulgarian Based on the Vernacular Language from the 17th Century (Based on the text of Tihonravov Damaskin).


Sofia, Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Press (forthcoming)
The Dictionary presents the rich lexical material of Bulgarian based on the vernacular language from the 17th century using key evidence from the Tihonravov Damaskin. This is a joint international project between the Institute for Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Slavic Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences.



Речник на произведенията на Патриарх Евтимий. / Vocabulary of Patriarch Euthymius’ Works


(Accepted for printing on 23/04/2008)
The dictionary is a combined thesaurus and translational dictionary accompanied by an index. It is compiled on the basis of excerpted texts from selected manuscripts proved as works of Patriarch Euthymius. The work is supported by the theoretical advances of the Department in the creation of the Dictionary of Old Bulgarian.



Речник на съчиненията на поп Пейо. / Dictionary of Pop Peyo’s Works.


Authors:Maria Raykova, Angelina Daskalova
(Accepted for printing on 9/11/2000)
The dictionary contains 2,500 words from the earliest known copy from the Hilandar Monastery which presents the work of one of the original Bulgarian authors from the 16th century.



Collective publications



Miltenov, Yavor. Златоструй: старобългарски хомилетичен свод, създаден по инициатива на българския цар Симеон. Текстологическо и извороведско изследване. / Zlatostruy: Old Slavonic Homiletic Collection Commissioned by the Bulgarian Tsar Simeon. Text Critical and Source Study. Sofia, 2013.



Vanya Micheva. Paratactical Conjunctions and Relations in the Language of the Modern Bulgarian Damaskins. Sofia, Publishing house “Dio Mira”, 2013,ISBN: 978-954-2977-07-0. The study follows the development of the paratactical system of standard Bulgarian from the 9th until the end of the 17th century by analysing the changes in the semantic types, the relations with the spoken language and with the linguistic and cultural features of the texts.



Elka Mircheva, Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova. Зайковски требник от 14 век. Изследване и текст. / Zaykov Prayer Book from the 14th Century in the Middle Bulgarian Literary Tradition. Study and text.
Publ. “Valentin Trayanov”. Sofia, 2012, ISBN: 978-954-9928-61-7
This is the oldest full text of a trebnik stored in Bulgarian repositories, with traces of glagolitic achrostic and valuable lexical data, which is presented in a precise edition and study based on extensive language material.



Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova. Яков Крайков и неговият сборник „Различни потреби” между Венеция и Балканите през ХVI век. / Yakov Kraykov and his Collection “Book for Different Occasions” between Venice and Balkans in the 16th Century Publ. “Valentin Trayanov”. Sofia, 2012, ISBN: 978-954-9928-63-1.



Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova. Български епитимийник от XV-XVI в. / Bulgarian Penitential from the 15th-16th Century. Publ. “Valentin Trayanov”. Sofia, 2011, ISBN: 978-954-9928-59-4.



Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova. Покайната книжнина на Българското средновековие IX – XVIII век. / Penitential Literary Tradition in Bulgarian Middle Ages 9th-18th Century. Publ. “Valentin Trayanov”. Sofia, 2011, ISBN: 978- 954- 9928- 52- 5.



Luchia Antonova-Vasileva, Georgi Mitrinov. Речник на българските говори в Южните Родопи, Драмско и Сярско. / Dictionary of Bulgarian Dialects in South Rhodopes, Drama and Serres Region. Institute for Bulgarian Language. Sofia, 2011, ISBN: 978-954-92489-2-0.



Georgi Mitrinov. Южнородопските български говори в Ксантийско и Гюмюрджинско. / South Rhodopean Dialects in Xantos and Gyumyurdjinski Region. Publ. “Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation Foundarion”. Sofia, 2010, ISBN: 978-954-9206-44-9.



Филология. История. Изкуствознание. Сборник изследвания в чест на проф. дфн Стефан Смядовски. / Philology. History. Art Studies. Collection of articles dedicated to Prof. Stefan Smyadovski, Dr.Sci. Publ. “Valentin Trayanov”. Sofia, 2010, ISBN: 978-954-9928-49-5.



Stefan Smyadovski “Книга за смъртта”. Т 1. Риторика на скръбта. / Book of Death. Imago Mortis. Vol. 1. Rhethorics of Grief. Sofia (in print)



Yavor Miltenov. Кирилски ръкописи с глаголически вписвания. / Cyrillic Manuscripts with Glagolitic Inscriptions. In Wiener slavistisches Jahrbuch, article (in print).



Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova. “Заповеди на св. Отци” в Синайския евхологий и западноевропейските пенитенциали. / Commandments of the Holy Fathers in Euchologium Sinaiticum and the Western Penitential Books. В: Old Bulgarian Literature, (35 p., in print)



 Etudes on the Cyrillic Palaeotypy 15th - 18th cMariyana Tsibranska-Kostova,
Етюди върху кирилската палеотипия XV-XVIII в. / Etudes on the Cyrillic Palaeotypy 15th – 18th c.
Sofia, Gutenberg Publishing House, 2007, 202 p.




The Miscellany of Kotel from 1805. Study on the dialectological base and text editionAvgusta Manoleva
Котленски сборник лято 1805. Изследване (с оглед на диалектната основа) и издание на текста. / The Miscellany of Kotel from 1805. Study on the dialectological base and text edition.,
Sofia, Elgatech Publishing House, 2006, 315 p.
The edition was supported by the National Book Centre.



Yavor Miltenov. Диалозите на Псевдо-Кесарий в славянската ръкописна традиция. / Erotapokriseis of Pseudo-Kaisarios in Slavonic Manuscript Tradition
Sofia, Avalon Publishing House, 2006, 590 p.
The edition has won the competition of the National Book Centre.



The German Codex from 1358-1359. Study and text editionElka Mircheva
Германов сборник от 1358/1359 г. Изследване и издание на текста. / The German Codex from 1358-1359. Study and text edition.
Sofia, Valentin Trayanov Publishing House, 2006, 846 p.




Georgi Mitrinov, Родопско книжовно наследство. Райковски дамаскин. / Literary Legacy of the Rhodopes. The Raykovski damaskin.
Varna Free University Publishing House, 2005, 276 p.

(new full edition of the texts in the collection)



Maria Raykova. Към историята на българската ръкописна книга през ХVIII – ХIХ век. / Towards the History of Bulgarian Manuscripts in 18th-19th Century.
(Accepted for printing on 17/03/2005, 52 с.)



Charters of Bulgarian Tsars. Introduction. Texts. Dictionary. Bibliography.A. Daskalova, M. Raykova.
Грамоти на българските царе. Увод. Текстове. Речник. Библиография. / Charters of Bulgarian Tsars. Introduction. Texts. Dictionary. Bibliography. Sofia, Academic Publishing House “Marin Drinov”, 2005, 443+7 p.
This is the first explanatory dictionary of the eight tsar charters from 13th-14th century. The edition has won the competition of the National Book Centre.



Saints, Rolls, Books.Stefan Smyadovski. Светци, свитъци, книги. / Saints, Rolls, Books.

Sofia, Agata-A Publishing House, 2003, 148 p.




Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova
Черковнославянските печатни книги и българската книжнина ХVІІ-ХІХ в. (по материал на печатния Номоканон). / Church Slavonic Printed Books and Bulgarian Literary Tradition in 17th-19th Century. (Based on the printed Nomocanon), 107 p.
(approved for printing on 25.07.2002)



Georgi Mitrinov. The Miscellany of Zlatograd. Sofia, Macedonia Press Publishing House, 2000, 135 p.



Bulgarian Cyrillic EpigraphyStefan Smyadovski.
Българска кирилска епиграфика. / Bulgarian Cyrillic Epigraphy.
Sofia, Publishing House “Agata-A”, 1993.
This is the first extensive textological and linguistic study of Bulgarian Cyrillic inscriptions.