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The resourceful library at the Institute for Bulgarian Language keeps unique linguistic editions and has a modern reading room accessible to outside users.

The library has a book stock of more than 30,000 titles dealing with the history of Bulgarian, its contemporary status and contrastive studies with other languages at standard language and dialectal level. The book stock includes 377 books; 87 periodicals (54 journals and 33 serials); cartographic editions; more than 56 photocopies; reprints and microfilms.


  • Making inquiries with alphabetical and systematic UDC (universal decimal classification) catalogues.
  •  Individual ILL (interlibrary loan) services, international ILL services
  •  Photocopying of library documents

The Library has won a grant by the Ministry of Culture for the renovation of book stock within the programme Bulgarian Libraries: Modern Centres of Reading and Information Programme.

With the contribution of generations of scholars, the following rare collections of high value have been created:

Specialised collections:

  • incunabula,
  • atlases,
  • photocopies,
  • microfilms,
  • dictionaries
Personal libraries donated by:

  • Acad. Alexander Teodorov-Balan,
  • Acad. Stephan Mladenov,
  • Acad. Vladimir Georgiev

The Library uses the ALEPH system, which allows for searching and preserving the bibliographic information and easy access to the available book stock of all libraries in Bulgaria.

Collection “Bulgarian Linguistics”

The Collection “Bulgarian Linguistics” includes works by scientists from the Institute for Bulgarian Language. Valentin Trayanov Publishing contributed the following books:

Tsibranska-Kostova, Mariyana, Elka Mircheva. Zaykovski trebnik ot |XIV| vek. Izsledvane i text. Izd. Valentin Trayanov. Sofia, 2012, 384 s.

Mircheva, Elka. Germanov sbornik ot 1358/1359 g. Izsledvane i izdanie na texta. Izd. Valentin Trayanov. Sofia, 2006, 848 s.

Kolektiv. Starobylgarski rechnik, t. I. Red. Dora Ivanova-Mircheva. Izd. Valentin Trayanov. Sofia, 1999, 1120 s.

Kolektiv. Starobylgarski rechnik, t. II. Red. Dora Ivanova-Mircheva. Izd. Valentin Trayanov. Sofia, 2009, 1328 s.

Kolektiv. Starobylgarski rechnik. Predgovor (part of vol. I). Отг. Red. Dora Ivanova-Mircheva. Izd. Valentin Trayanov. Sofia, 1999, 1120 s.