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Open Day at the Institute for Bulgarian Language: Programme

About Words and Dictionaries in the Digital Age



14th May 2018, 11.00 − 16.00


All about Words and Dictionaries

Room 502

You will learn interesting facts about Bulgarian words and phrases, their meanings and their usage. You will get acquainted with the largest Dictionary of the Bulgarian language and will find out whether it is easy to compose a dictionary.

Ask the Linguists – One day at the Language Consultatio Service

Room 509

If you are going to have a Bulgarian language test or have difficulty with spelling, grammar and punctuation, this is your place for competent and quick answer. You will find out which are the most frequently asked and interesting language questions. You will see real language consultations and you will be able to ask questions yourself. You will see how the Language Consultation Service works.

What Is Your Name?

Room 512

You will find out about the fashion in personal names and what the latest trends in the selection of personal names in Bulgaria are. You will get acquainted with the modern studies of the names of various objects in the urban area – streets, shops, residential areas, etc., and with the most curious names of places in the city.

Are there any traces of the Thracian language?

Room 513

You will learn about the traces of the Thracian language in the Bulgarian name system. You will get acquainted with the results of the latest research on the personal, paternal, family and generic names of the Bulgarians, as well as the names of the Bulgarian settlements. The first visitor will receive a certificate for their personal name.

The challenge of being an editor

Room 511

You will become familiar with the official spelling dictionaries and will find out how you can use them. We will offer you the challenge to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills by editing a text. The text will be verified by a professional linguist and the mistakes will be clarified.

Where is today the Thracian horse, or how are terms born?

Room 515

What does terminology do? Which words are terms? How do words become terms? How are the terms used in the language? We will look out the answers together, both seriously and having fun.


What is computational linguistics?

Room 602

You will talk to computer linguistics about the relationship between linguistics and technology and the place of technology in linguistics. We will look together at what computational linguistics means.

Together tracking the Bulgarian words

Room 603

With Bulgarian etymologists you will go back in time to get to the roots of Bulgarian words, you will follow the journey of words from near and far lands. You will have the chance to become an etymologist and try to discover the origins of some more curious words. And if you are interested in where a particular word came from, you can search in the volumes of the Bulgarian Etymological Dictionary.

How do computers understand language?

Room 604

You will have the opportunity to explore some useful applications of the Bulgarian National Corpus and the semantic network WordNet (“Network of Words”) in language research, translation and language teaching.

Can we make a language atlas?

Room 607

You will learn how to make language maps of dialects using the Universal Slavic Linguistic Atlas programme. We will talk about the differences and common features between the dialects of Slavic languages regarding the topic of relatives names.

Dictionary of Old Bulgarian and of the Dictionary of the Bulgarian Literary Language of the 17th century

Room 611

You will get acquainted with the most interesting studies of Bulgarian language specialists. You will be able to participate in a game of words from the Dictionary of Old Bulgarian and the Dictionary of the Bulgarian Literary Language from the 17th Century. We will show you the electronic resources available on the Institute’s website and materials related to both Old Bulgarian Alphabets and the Dictionary of Old Bulgarian.

Language. Personality. Society: Parallel worlds in language

Room 612

You will be able to participate in two discussions: The Destiny of the Ottoman Heritage in the Bulgarian Language and in the Bulgarian Culture (from 13.00 to 14.00) and the Fate of the Socialist Heritage in the Language and Souls (from 14.00 to 15.00).

What can we learn from the ethnolinguistic dictionaries?

Room 613

You will get acquainted with the dictionaries of Bulgarian folk culture and with the most interesting information in them. You will be able to join a fun interactive questionnaire related to the music world of the Bulgarians.

Are dialects alive in Bulgaria and in Europe?

Room 615

You will become acquainted with the dialectical unity and diversity of Bulgarian folk talks on the digital map of the dialect of the Bulgarian language. Examples of the latest research on dialects in modern Europe within the European Linguistic Atlas project will be presented.

Manuscripts in Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabet

Room 617

You will be able to see the collection of Prof. Kiril Mirchev with original medieval manuscripts, including a parchment. There will also be posters with photos of inscriptions in Bulgarian outside the state borders of Bulgaria.

What does ethnolinguistics do?

Room 620

You will learn what ethnolinguistics is; why cultural anthropology and ethnolinguistics are among the most modern linguistic disciplines in the world; why, when we learn languages, we also need to get to know the culture of the language.

Fun game “The Written Word Remains. Write Correctly!”

Grand Hall

Check your knowledge of Bulgarian spelling, grammar, vocabulary and etymology! Young scientists from the Institute are waiting for you to face entertaining language questions and you will have the chance to win a prize from the campaign “The Written Word Remains. Write Correctly!” of the Institute for Bulgarian Language. Play in four categories: spelling; grammar; paronyms; etymology!

Have fun and win a t-shirt “The Written Word Remains. Write Correctly!”

Visitors will receive a booklet with the programme of Open Day of the Institute for Bulgarian Language. Each visit to one of our rooms or participation in any of our language games will bring you a stamp in the booklet. Depending on the number of collected stamps, at the end you can receive various gifts and memorabilia (books, t-shirts or stickers with the inscription “The Written Word Remains. Write Correctly!”).