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Media appearances dedicated to 24th May


Many media marked 24th May by inviting researchers from the Institute for Bulgarian Language to discuss the importance of the language for national identity and the development of the language in the modern age.

Programme for 24th May: BNR

Honorary Assembly of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: BTA | Duma | 24 chasa

Prof. Elka Mircheva: There is no need of a Law for the Bulgarian Language: 1 ден | Forum 24

Prof. Elka Mircheva: Bulgaria under the rule of Boris I saved the works of Cyril and Methodius from perish: Nakratko

What have we given to the world: Mediapool | Our net

Do foreign words enrich or damage the language?: Dnes plus | Darik

Language consultations on the phone gain popularity: Evropa TV

Spelling consultations on the phone: Bulgaria on Air

The correct use of definite article is a sign of good literacy skills, prof. Elka Mircheva says: BTA

Siya Kolkovska and Vanina Sumrova: interview at the morning programme “Hello, Bulgaria!” of Nova TV: Hello, Bulgaria!

Assist. prof. Tsvetana DImitrova: Internet influences the Bulgarian language, the difference between spoken and written language is often fuzzy: Focus | 24 chasa

Assist. prof. Tsvetana DImitrova: Over 250 people checked their language knowledge and showed good literacy skills: Focus