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Guidelines for authors

Manuscripts written in French, German, English or Russian must be sent in digital form (e-mail, CD, saved as *.doc-format and *.pdf) and accompanied by two hard copies. If any special fonts other than Times New Roman are used in the text, they should be attached.


Endnotes should be used rather than footnotes.


References following the endnotes must be grouped according to alphabet (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek) in which the articles are written (see the examples below):


Chantraine, P. 1968/1980. Dictionnaire étymologique de la langue grecque. Histoire des mots. Vol. I–IV. Paris.


Frisk, Hj. 1960–1972. Griechisches etymologisches Wörterbuch. Bde. I–III. Heidelberg.


Furnée, E. J. 1972. Die wichtigsten konsonantischen Erscheinungen des Vorgriechischen. The Hague – Paris.


Mihajlova, B. 2006. Quelques cas possibles du „pendant inverse“ de la loi Sievers. / Linguistique Balkanique, XLV, 3, 419 – 428.


M l a d e n o v a, O. M. 2007. Definiteness in Bulgarian: Modelling the Processes of Language Change. New York, Berlin [Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs, 182].


Г е о р г и е в, Вл. 1954. Нынешнее состояние толкования крито-микенских надписей. София.


– 1955. Словарь крито-микенских надписей. София.


– 1957а. Проблемы минойского языка. София.


– 1957б. Тракийският език. София.


Cut»rhj, G. 1992. KerkuraikÒ glwss£ri. Korfo….


Please do not use footnotes for references, use author’s last name and year of publication in parentheses as follows:
Le mot savń est expliqué par G e o r g i e v (1984: 29).


L’étymologie du verbe el n’est pas tout à fait sûre (G e o r g i e v 1984: 23).


Please send your address including postal code, as well as your e-mail address at the end of the text.


Article submission does not guarantee publication. The editors reserve the right to reject articles that treat issues outside the journal’s area of specialization or do not meet quality criteria. Submitted manuscripts are not returned to their authors.