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Thematic Sessions of the International Jubilee Conference of the Institute for Bulgarian Language 2022

1) Bulgarian Language in the Modern World
The modern development of the Bulgarian language takes place under the strong influence of information technologies and the increasing globalisation. Over the past two years, the global pandemic has further amplified the impact of these two factors. It is not without consequence that today a significant proportion of the speakers of Bulgarian live abroad and are bilingual. All of these undoubtedly affect the state of the Bulgarian language at different levels.
The thematic session aims to discuss a wide range of issues concerning modern vocabulary, grammar, language acquisition, social aspects of linguistic variability, etc. The study of these language problems from multiple perspectives and using multidisciplinary methods would facilitate their in-depth understanding.

2) Language Resources for Bulgarian
Modern technologies boost the development of language corpora, computer dictionaries and language resources that contribute to the work of language researchers as well as a wide range of other users: Bulgarian language teachers teaching in Bulgaria or abroad, Bulgarian language learners, both native speakers or foreigners, etc.
The Institute for Bulgarian Language is well known for providing high quality language resources for public use. Language resources for various purposes with different scope and applications are developed in a number of other scientific institutions. The purpose of the thematic session is to provide an opportunity for promoting both existing resources and newly developed resources of high significance for the research community and the wide public.

3) Bulgarian Linguistic Cultural and Historical Heritage in the Context of Globalisation
The topic of the conceptualisation, promotion and affirmation of the Bulgarian linguistic cultural heritage in the process of the European integration of Bulgaria is especially important in recent years. Therefore, one of the main tasks that Bulgarian scientists face, is to uncover appropriate means for its presentation, establishment and preservation.
The main emphasis of the thematic session will be placed on problems related to the history of the Bulgarian language and dialects, the history of the literary Bulgarian language, the origin of the vocabulary across all Bulgarian language territory, the history and specific features of the Bulgarian literary works.