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Bulgarian Toponymic Dictionary

Department of Onomastics

Period: 1.06.2019 – 30.06.2023

Type of Project: collective, national

Funding: budgetary (BAS)

Principal Investigator: prof. DSc. Anna Choleva-Dimitrova

Participants: prof. DSc. Anna Choleva-Dimitrova, assoc. prof. Maya Vlahova-Angelova PhD, assist. prof. Nadezhda Dancheva PhD, assist. Kristina Ivanova Petrova (PhD student, until December 2020)

The project aims at creating one-volume toponymic dictionary that will contain the names of settlements, localities, hydronyms and also some names of historical objects with national importance that are placed in the current and in the historical borders of Bulgaria. The dictionary will concentrate at the current state of the our onym system and also will present old records and variants of the names, if they have such. The normative principle of the dictionary will be realized by pointing at the officially accepted – the standardised name, written in accordance with the literary norms. Due to the limited volume the names of objects with national importance will be added and only in individual cases – with regional importance. The etymological analysis of the names will be the main part of the dictionary article. The toponyms that have more than one etymology will be analyzed more thorough by listing the most acceptable of interpretations. Parallels will be given only for the names that are harder to be etymologized.
The project is part of two of the priority scientific directions of the Institute for Bulgarian Language:
Academic Dictionaries of Bulgarian Language and Lingual Cultural-Historical Heritage of the Bulgarians.

Results: toponymic dictionary