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Language Resources from Original and Translated Literary Works of the Bulgarian Middle Ages

Department of History of Bulgarian language

Period: 2021 – 2023

Type of project: collective, national

Funding: budgetary (BAS)

Principal Investigators: prof. Maryana Tsibranska-Kostova DSc, prof. Elka Mircheva PhD

Participants: assoc. prof. Georgi Mitrinov PhD, assoc. prof. Yavor Miltenov PhD


The project has a set goal to continue the systemic and corresponding to the modern requirements research of original and translated literary works from different genres and from different periods of the bulgarian language diachrony. During the first year from the period of the project two subjects will be worked. The first subject “Preslav’s Lexical markers” with executor assoc. prof. Y. Miltenov PhD, second stage of the wider research where the goal – after theoretical and methodological work of the first stage – is to enter within the specifics of the language facts (to search for published and unpublished data about the Preslav’s lexical markes in a specific circle of literary works and to clacify the vocabulary and grouping the texts from where the vocabulary was excerped). The goal of the work on the second subject “Language evidence of the bulgarian character of the population in the South Rhodopes and Belomorieto (Western Thrace region) during XVI century (Part 3 Nevrokop township (kaza) with executor assoc. prof. G. Mitrinov PhD is to research the comonyms from bulgarian origin in the Nevrokop township (kaza) during XVI century by restoring the village network from back then. The main task is the research of the anthroponyms in the christian settlements from the township and her clasification according to its differentiation in different thematical groups.

The project is part of the two priorirty scientific directions of the Institute for Bulgarian language – Cultural and Historical Heritage of Bulgaria and Sources about the history of the Bulgarian language.

Results: monographies, thematically connected research papers and articles, databases.