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All-Slavic Linguistic Atlas (OLA)

Department of Bulgarian Dialectology and Linguistic Geography

Period: 2021 – 2023

Type of project: collective, international

Funding: budgetary (BAS)

Principal Investigator: prof. Slavka Keremidchieva PhD

Participants: prof. Slavka Keremidchieva PhD, assoc. prof. Lilyana Vasileva PhD, assoc. prof. Kiril Parvanov PhD, assoc. prof. Hristina Deykova PhD (Department of Bulgarian etymology), assist. prof. Margarita Koteva PhD, assist. prof. Katerina Usheva PhD


The General Slavic Linguistic Atlas reflects in lingvogeographic aspect the language variety and unity of the Slavic languages on a dialectal level – specific part of the cultural dialog of Europe. OLA is a large-scale international project with the participation of 13 national commisions from the European countries where lives Slavic population. Unlike the national atlases where they present the typologycal specific of one language in OLA for the first time in the world linguogeography, object of the research is а family of closely related languages by mapping the phenomenons that have all-Slavic meaning. The project will work on volumes about fonetics, grammar and lexical word formation. The data of the Atlas will give an opportunity to get to the Proto-Slavic language, to follow the dialectal divisions, to highlight the own dialectal and even to show not only the lingual, but also the cultural connections and mutual influences between the Slavic people. The project has a meaning not only for the integration of the bulgarian scientists to the european research field, but also for the eurointegration of Bulgaria in the field of science and the spiritual culture.

The project is part of the priorirty scientific direction of the Institute for Bulgarian language Cultural and Historical Linguistic Heritage of Bulgaria.

Results: Atlas with title „Общеславянский лингвистический атлас. Серия лексико-словообразовательная. Т. 11. „Степени родства“”(bulgarian volume); thematically connected research papers and articles; databases.