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Language culture and language policies. Typology of the deviations from the orthoepy norms

Department of Modern Bulgarian Language

Period: 2021 – 2023

Type of project: collective, national

Funding: budgetary (BAS)

Principal Investigator: assoc. prof. Tatyana Aleksandrova PhD

Participants: assoc. prof. Tatyana Aleksandrova PhD, assoc. prof. Katya Charalozova PhD, assoc. prof. Ruska Stancheva PhD, assoc. prof. Milen Tomov PhD, assist. prof. Iliana Kuneva PhD, Zhaneta Zlateva PhD, Lora Zheleva (PhD student), assist. Malina Stoycheva (PhD student)


The main goal of the project is to typologize the deviations from the orthoepy norms of the modern Bulgarian standard language and to identify the reasons for the difficulties when applying the orthoepy norms. We are planning the optimisation of the codifying and consulting activity of the Institut of the Bulgarian language as a leading institution in the field of the codification and from there in the creation of the needed conditions for supporting the stability of the standard language and its oral and literary form regarding its full functioning as an official. The research part of the project will be realized parallel with the scientifically applied activity in the field of the language culture in the language consulting: everyday consultations in the Office for language consultations and preparing answers to real questions of clients, that are received by different canals; writing expert standpoints etc.

The work from the project as a result will allow to make a typology of the deviations from the orthoepy norms and also will support the activity of the Office for language consultations.

The project is part of the two priorirty scientific directions of the Institute for Bulgarian language: Language culture and Electronic language resources and programs for their processing.

Results: thematically connected research papers and articles.