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Comparative Study on the Bulgarian and Polish Phraseology

Department of Bulgarian Lexicology and Lexicography

Period: 2018 – june 2021 (extended by six months – Protocol No 21 from a meeting of the Science Council from 28.09.2020)

Type of project: collective, international

Partner: Institute of Slavic Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences

Funding: international exchange for bilateral agreements of BAS

Principal Investigator: prof. Diana Blagoeva PhD

Participants: prof. Diana Blagoeva PhD, prof. Sia Kolkovska PhD, prof. Svetla Koeva PhD (until 01.10.2018); from Polish side: Wojciech Sosnowski PhD, Anna Kisiel PhD, prof. Roman Roszko, Maksim Duszkin PhD

In theoretical aspect the project aims to research the ways and mechanisms for enriching the phraseological fund of the Bulgarian and Polish languages in the present period. The comparative approach allows to highlight not only the interlingual similarities, but also intralingual specifics in the flow of the actual processes in the Bulgarian and the Polish phraseology. In scientifically applied plan the project is aimed at a development of two-way (Bulgarian-Polish and Polish-Bulgarian) dictionary of active phraseology with total of 1000 entries (500 for Bulgarian and 500 for the Polish language). The dictionary of active phraseology will enrich the existing lexicographic resources for the Bulgarian and Polish languages and will provide the people who study the two languages information about the meaning of the actively used phraseologisms in the contemporary period in every one of the languages and for their equivalents in the other language. The project is part of the priorirty directions in the researches of the Institute for Bulgarian language: Academic Dictionaries of the Bulgarian Language and Theoretical Linguistic Researches.

Results: Bulgarian-Polish phraseological dictionary, thematically connected research papers and articles