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Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova, Prof., Dr.Sci

General Information


Department for History of Bulgarian Language

Phone:02 979 29 61; 02 979 29 67

Research interests:

  • history of Bulgarian language
  • textology and language of Slavonic manuscripts
  • juridical terminology
  • historical lexicology


Diploma of the Institute for Bulgarian Language; Academic award 2012 on the name of acad. Vladimir Georgiev for the fundamental joint work Dictionary of the Bulgarian Literary Language of Popular Type (on the base of the Tihonravov damascene from the 17th century). Sofia: Valentin Trayanov Publishing House, 2012, ISBN 978-954-9928-62-4.

Education and professional experience

Education and professional experience

1977 – 1982: Secondary education at the French College in Sofia, Bulgaria

1982 – 1987: MA degree in Bulgarian Philology at the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ochridski,” Department of Slavic Philology. Diploma thesis on 16th-century hagiography; Minor – French philology.

1988– 1991: Post-graduate study in the Department of the History of the Bulgarian language in the Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

1992: PhD, Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

1991 – 1993: Specialist, Department of History of Bulgarian language, Institute for Bulgarian language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

1993 – 1996/ 1996–2000: Assistant Professor, Department of History of Bulgarian language, Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

2001 – 2011: Associate Professor, Department of History of Bulgarian language, Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

2010: Doctor of Sciences

2011 – ongoing: Professor, Department of History of Bulgarian language, Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

1992 – 1996/ 1998 –1999: Lecturer on Old Slavonic Language, Smoljan Institute for Teacher Training

1996–2001: Lecturer on Old Slavonic Language, History of Bulgarian language, and specialized courses, University of Plovdiv “Paisij Hilendarski”

2002 – 2005: lecturer on Bulgarian language and civilization at the University of Provence (Aix-Marseille I), France

2006 – 2011: Visiting Associate Professor, Department of general linguistics and history of the Bulgarian Language, University of Plovdiv “Paisij Hilendarski”

2011 – 2016: Visiting Professor, Department of general linguistics and history of the Bulgarian Language, University of Plovdiv “Paisij Hilendarski”

2011– ongoing: Chairwoman of the General Assembly of researchers. Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

2012– ongoing: Chef of the Department of History of Bulgarian language, Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

2008 – ongoing: Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

2012– ongoing: Member of the Council for foreign Bulgarian Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Research projects

Linguistic and Еthnocultural Dynamics of Traditional and Non-traditional Values in the Slavic World (24.07.2018 – 1.10.2020), International project ERA.Net.RUS+, participant

Constructing the Middle Ages Every-day Life through Lexical Data from Romanian and Bulgarian Language (2020 – 2022), ЕBR project of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences with Romanian Academy, project coordinator

Spiritual Values and Popular Culture (2021 – 2023), Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and Institute “Yan Stanislav”, Slovakia, participant

Religious Rhetoric of Power in the Byzantine and Balkan Middle Ages (2020 – 2022), EBR project of BAS (Institute for Historical Studies) and Romanian Academy, participant

Arts, Literature and Power in the Contact Zones (Orthodoxy and Islam; Orthodoxy and Catholicism). Glorification of Power against Contesting Power (2020 – 2022), EBR project of BAS (Institute for Historical Studies) and Romanian Academy, participant

Bogomils in the Slavonic Canon Law Texts and Manuscripts (2007 – 2009), Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, project coordinator
Research and Edition of Written Monuments as a Part of the Cultural-Historical Heritage and the National Identity (2012 – 2014), Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, project coordinator

Computational and Interactive Tools for Historical Linguistic Researches (September 2009 – August 2011), Sofia University, Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, funded by the European Social Fund and Republic of Bulgaria under the Operative Program ”Development of Human Resources” (BG 051PO001-3.3-04-0011), member of the research team

Informatics, Grammar, Lexicography (2012 – 2014), Sofia University, Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, funded by the European Social Fund and Republic of Bulgaria under the Operative Program ”Development of Human Resources” (BG061PO001-3/ 3.06-0024), member of the research team

е-Меdievalia. Electronic Resources for Distance Teaching on Medieval Studies Електронни (2012 – 2014), Sofia University, funded by Operative Program ”Development of Human Resources” (BG 051PO001-4.3.04-004/11.10,2012), project coordinator of module “Textology and language of Medieval Manuscripts”

Sociocultural interaction between languages in Central and Southeastern Europe – history and contemporaneity (2006 – 2009/ 2009 – 2011), Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Slavistics, Russian Academy of Sciences

The Cultural Exchange and the Creation of a Common Space: the Example of the Traveling Books (2012 – 2014), Cyrillo-Methodian Research Center, Institute for Historical researches, Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of History “Nicolae Yorga”, Academy of Sciences of Romania, member of the research team

Printing in Europe. A Handbook of the History of Printing in Europe and the Mediterranean with a special focus on Theatralia, Musicalia and Orientalia (2012 – 2013), International European Project of Don Juan Archiv – Wien, member of the research team

Electronic Linguistic Resources of Original Works from the Bulgarian Middle Age (2015–2017), Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, project coordinator

Holy Men, Priests, Rulers, Judges: the Book and the Power on the Both Banks of the Danube River during the middle Ages (2015 – 2017), Cyrillo-Methodian Research Center, Institute for Historical researches, Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of History “Nicolae Yorga”, Academy of Sciences of Romania, member of the research team

Diastratic Variation in the Lexis of the Old Bulgarian and the Old Romanian Language (2017 – 2019), Institute for Bulgarian Language, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Linguistics, Academy of Sciences of Romania, project coordinator

Dualist Heresies in the History of South-East Europe 9th –15th centuries, Waldemar Ceran Research Center for the History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-Eastern Europe, Ceraneum (University of Lodz), funded by National Science Centre, Poland, member of the research team

Membership in scientific organizations and research groups

Council of International Bulgarian Studies to the Management Board of BAS, member (2016 – 2020)

Academic Council of the Doctoral School of BAS, member (2018 – ongoing)

Council of researches in Bulgaria, member (2008 – ongoing)

Waldemar Ceran Research Center for the History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-Eastern Europe, Ceraneum, University of Lodz, Poland, member (2013 – ongoing).

Association of Byzantinists and Medievalists in Bulgaria, member (2014– ongoing)

Membership in editorial boards

Studii şi cercetări lingvistice (ISSN: 0039-405X), Institute of linguistics, Romanian Academy, member of the editorial board (2018– ongoing)

Volyn philological: text and context (ISSN: 2304-9383), Lesia Ukrainka Eastern European National University, member of the editorial board; 2020 – ongoing

Scientific vector of the Balkans (ISSN: 2603-4840), Plovdiv University “Paisiy Hilendarski”, member of the editorial board; 2017 – ongoing

Linguistique Balkanique (Балканско езикознание) (ISSN 0324-1653), Institute for Bulgarian Language: 2008 – ongoing: assistant editor-in-chief

Izvestiya na Instituta za balgarski ezik (Известия на Института за български език) (ISSN 0323-9934), Institute for Bulgarian Language: 2014 – ongoing: member of the editorial board
Zeszyty Cyrilo-Metodianskie (ISSN 2449-8297), Department of Slavic Languages, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland, 2014 – ongoing: member of the editorial board

Membership in organization and programme committees

National celebration and conference with international participation “And I put to press. 200 years of the apparition of Sophronij Vratchanski’ Nedelnik”, Sofia, София, December 7–9, 2006, member of the organizing committee



Цибранска-Костова, М. Прохирон/Закон градски. Юридическото наследство на православното славянство. [Prohiron/Zakon gradsky. The Juridical legacy of Orthodox Slavs]. София: Валентин Траянов, 2021, 345 с. ISBN 978-954-9928-84-6. //

Tsibranska-Kostova, M., Iv. Biliarsy. Panoply in Defense of Orthodoxy. The Case of Moldavian Manuscript BAR Ms. Slav. 636, 16th Century. Series Ceranea, vol. 9. University of Lodz, 2021, 289 pages. ISBN: 978-83-8220-487-2, e-ISBN: 978-83-8220-488-9.

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Цибранска-Костова, М. Покайната книжнина книжнина на Българското средновековие IX – XVIII в. (езиково-текстологични и културологични аспекти).София: Издателство „Валентин Траянов“, 2011. 556 с. ISBN 978-954-9928-52-5 [Tsibranska-Kostova, M. The Penitential Literature of the Bulgarian Middle ages 9th- 18th cc. Linguistic and text-study aspects. Sofia: Valentin Trayanov Publishing house, 2011, 556 p. ISBN 978-954-9928-52-5].

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Articles in journals

Цибранска-Костова, М. Исторически извори и съвременни преводи: средновековният юридически текст на български език. [Historical sources and modern translations: the Medieval juridical text in Bulgarian]. – Езиков свят, 17 (2019), 1, 2019, с. 7 – 17. ISSN: 1312-0484.

Tsibrаnska-Kostova, M. INTERPRETATION AND REINTERPRETATION. THE 42nd TITLE OF ILOVICA KORMCHAYA (1262) REVISITED FROM A BALKAN PERSPECTIVE. – Linguistique Balkanique, 57 (2018), 1, р. 65 – 75.  ISSN: 0324–1653.

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