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Theory of Terminology

Department of Bulgarian Terminology and Terminography

Period: 2019 – 2021

Type of project: collective, national

Funding: budgetary (BAS)

Principal Investigator: assist. prof. Kristiana Simeonova PhD

Participants: assist. prof. Kristiana Simeonova PhD, assoc. prof. Mariana Vitanova PhD (Department of etnolinguistics), assist. prof. Ekaterina Petkova PhD, assist. prof. Velislava Stoykova PhD, assist. prof. Radostina Stoyanova PhD, Adriana Hristova


The goal of the project is to assist the development of the knowledge about terminology and practical activity for the terminography specialists and for the specialist of the rest scientific and professional areas. The researches in the projects are united under the main directions in the development of the terminology – studying the main theory of terminology, establishing the specifics of the bulgarian terminology in cognitive-conceptual and linguistic aspect. The results of the project will not only develop the linguistic theory and the terminological practice, but also will have influence In the development of all individual scientific areas, because they assure theoretical, methodological and applied bases for the creation and improvement of the terminology in the scientific, socio-political and learning activities.
The project is part of the priorirty scientific direction of the Institute for Bulgarian language Theoretical linguistic researches.

Results: Collection of thematically connected research papers and articles.