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Open Day at the Institute for Bulgarian Language

About Words and Dictionaries in the Digital Age


On 14th May 2018 the Institute for Bulgarian Languages organises an Open Day which will take part from 11.00 until 16.00 at the Institute (52 Shipchenski Prohod St., building 17, floors 5 and 6, and the Grand Hall).

Those interested will be able to get acquainted with the Institute’s activity and scientific results, to observe in real time the work of language consultants at the Language Consultation Office, to learn interesting facts about Bulgarian vocabulary, phraseology and terminology, the origins of words, dialectical diversity and the historical development of our language, the latest trends in the choice of personal names and the naming of urban sites, the links between linguistics and technology and the place of technology in linguistics. The electronic resources for the Bulgarian language developed in the Institute will be presented: dictionaries, corpora, lexical databases, interactive map of Bulgarian dialects, linguistic atlases, etc. The visitors will have the opportunity to test their knowledge of Bulgarian spelling, grammar, vocabulary and etymology in various games organised by young researchers, and to win a prize from the campaign “The written word remains. Write correctly!” of the Institute for Bulgarian Language. Other surprises are also planned.

Check out the programme.