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Enrichment of the Semantic Network Wordnet with Conceptual Frames

Department of Computational Linguistics

Period: 01.01.2021 – 31.12.2023

Type of Project: collective, national

Funding: National Science Fund

Principal Investigator: prof. Svetla Koeva PhD

Participants: prof. Svetla Koeva PhD, prof. Tinko Tinchev PhD, assist. prof. Valentina Stefanova PhD, assist. prof. Maria Todorova PhD, assist. prof. Svetlozara Leseva PhD, assist. prof. Tsvetana Dimitrova PhD, Ivelina Stoyanova PhD, Hristina Kukova, Martin Yalamov, Kuzman Belev, Viktoria Petrova (PhD student)


The presented theoretical research is aimed at the semantic description and typologisation of the verbal predicates that are part of the basic conceptual aparatus. The semantic description will be based on the development of a system from abstract conceptual frames that present the semantic structure of verbs from the basic lexis (including that of children on a certain age) and the integration of the conceptual frames in the structure of the semantic network Wordnet. The fundamental nature of the research is premised by the definition of the idea about conceptual frame: an abstract structure that is described by a unique number of semantic relations between: a) a number of verbal predicates in Wordnet that are associated with certain semantic class that reflects the properties of the frame; b) elements of the frame that is presented by the synonymic numbers of nouns related to certain semantic class (or classes) that reflects the properties of the elements of the frame; c) semantic relations between the number of predicates and its elements. The abstract linguistic modeling will bring to theoretical summaries about the ontological description of the semantic classes of the nouns, about the system of conceptual frames and also about the complex presentation of the semantic information. The project aims to integrate conceptual and lexical information with information about the syntactic structures in which the lexical units participate.

The project is part of two of the priority areas of research at the Institute for Bulgarian Language – Electronic Language Resources and Tools for their Processing and Theoretical Linguistic Researches.

Results:Thematically connected research papers and articles; collective monography with peer-reviewed research papers and articles; semantic resources accessable on the Internet; software for creating, editing and visualization of conceptual frames.