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Problems with Etymologising of Bulgarian and Serbian Lexis

Department of Bulgarian Etymology

Period: 2020 – 2022

Type of project: collective, international

Partner: Institute for the Serbian Language of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA)

Funding: internation exchange for two-sided agreements of BAS

Principal investigator: assoc. prof. Hristina Deykova PhD

Participants: assoc. prof. Hristina Deykova PhD, assist. prof. Simeon Stefanov PhD, Krasimira Fuchedzhieva; from serbian side: acad. Aleksandar Loma, senior research fellow Snežana Petrovič, research fellow Marija Vuković PhD, research fellow Maja Kalezić PhD, assoc. prof. Orsat Ligorio, Marija Gmitrovič


The project is aimed at the etymological practice connected with the working on a etymological dictionaries that include a large volume of language material and concentrate a large attention to the dialectal lexis – Български етимологичен речник (Bulgarian etymological dictionary) and Етимолошки речник српског jeзика (Etymological dictionary of the Serbian language). In the range of the project will be discussed and solved similar research problems connected with the dialectal etymology, with reconstruction of the protoslavic lexis including the dialectal south slavic protoslavic lexis with establishing the balkan origin of some general loan words in the two languages – mainly balcanic greek and balcanic turkish words. The goal of the cooperative work is to optimise the etymological practice when working on the two big etymological lexicographic works.

The project is part of the priorirty scientific directions of the Institute for Bulgarian language Cultural and Historical Linguistic Heritage of Bulgaria and Academic dictionaries of the Bulgarian language.

Results: thematically connected research papers and articles.