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Contrastive Typological Aspects of Lexical and Grammar Studies in Related and Unrelated Languages

Department of Ethnolinguistics

Period: 2016-2018

Type of project: Collective

Funding: budgetary (BAS)

Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. P. Legurska, Ph.D.

Participants: Assoc. Prof. P. Legurska, Prof. M. Almaleh, Assist. Prof. I. Panchev


The comparative and typological studies of vocabulary and grammar are an essential aspect of the research at the Institute of Bulgarian Language and correspond to its priorities for the period 2014 – 2020. The presentation of general and focused issues of the grammatical and lexical system of Bulgarian in comparison with other languages ​​helps for framing the typological features of the Bulgarian language as Slavic, Balkan and European language ​​and helps strengthening the national identity as part of the linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe. Theoretical and practical aspects of the comparative grammar and lexicology (word order in Bulgarian and Russian; theory of lexical functions and its application in the study of the comparability of Bulgarian and Russian in terms of their comparison; the semantic-pragmatic aspects of the indirect speech acts in Bulgarian and French). The study is both theoretical and applied and has applications in native and foreign language teaching, and in the preparation of specialists at universities, translators, lexicographers, etc. The project is in line with the priority area Theoretical Linguistics Research at the Institute for Bulgarian language.


Issues in the Community and Variety in Bilingual Studies – Grammar and Vocabulary. Period: 2016 – 2018. Principal Investigator: Assoc. prof. P. Legurska. Participants: Assoc. prof. P. Legurska, Assist. prof. I. Panchev (Department of General and Comparative Linguistics), Assist. prof. N. Paskalev (Department of Modern Bulgarian Language).

Presentation of the results: research papers and review articles.